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July 2014



232 Teeth Removed From Mouth Of Indian Teenager

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232 teeth from indian teenager
232 teeth from indian teenager

232 teeth from Indian teenager

Indian teenager, Ashik Gavai, recently underwent dental surgery to remove 232 teeth that were growing in his mouth abnormally, caused by a benign tumor of the teeth called composite odontoma. These abnormal teeth were lodged in the bone of the lower right jaw but were not visible to anyone. Gavai’s abnormal teeth began growing when he was six years old but he didn’t notice their presence until recently when his mouth began swelling.

The six-hour operation to remove all the excess teeth was performed at JJ Hospital, Mumbai on July 21 by Dr. Sunanda Dhiware, head of the Dentistry Department, JJ Hospital, and her team comprising four doctors. The dental surgeons admit that it was a dangerous surgery and that Gavai’s jawbone would take about four months to heal. During his recovery period, he will be put on a diet of milk and coconut water.

The doctors say that it is likely that he will have a fresh growth of denticles again, but not as many as 232. This complex operation would normally cost one about Rs. 2,50,000, but since Gavai’s parents could not afford that sum, it was paid for by the Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana program, which gives medical assistance to people of lower income groups in India.



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