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August 2014



Colgate continues to use controversial harmful chemical in toothpaste

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Colgate Total

The news report by Bloomberg on use of the controversial chemical ‘Triclosan’ in Colgate Total has caused a good amount of apprehension among the regular users of the toothpaste that was otherwise known to benefit dental health, specially fighting against Gingivitis. A brief interaction with Mike Schade from Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families and Lindsey Rupp of Bloomberg gives further insight into this.

Colgate Total

Colgate Total

Using Triclosan in different consumer products may be harmful as it interferes with the hormonal system of the body leading to many disabilities. Extremely small levels of the chemical are also harmful in animals. Most Colgate Total users are quite upset at this revelation. However, the company still maintains that Total is a safe product as the chemical’s harmful effects in human beings are not yet proved by FDA. Also, Total is one of the most rigorously tested products in the market. Nevertheless, as Bloomberg reports, the test reports were mainly supported by company sponsored research.

Removing Triclosan from the products may be a long process. However, many big names like P&G and J&J have already phased out this chemical from their products. Its use is now regulated all over the world. Also, the retailers, pressurised by many consumer groups to present products that are safe and non-toxic, are considering policies committed to offering safe products to consumers and eliminating Triclosan products. Looking at the different aspects on use of Triclosan, though the Company is yet to decide on this, it is hoped that Colgate Total will also be made free of the toxic chemical reviving consumer’s trust in it once again.