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January 2015



13 Dental Students Suspended for ‘hate-rape’ Facebook Scandal

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dalhousie dentistry facebook scandal - hate rape - violence

Suspension Follows The 13 Dentistry Students as They Maintain an FB Page About Sexual Violence

In Dec, 2014 13 dentistry students were suspended from their college on charges of posting comments on Facebook about “Hate Rape”. The university has withdrawn the clinical privileges of these students. They were not only aiming the peer female students but also the peers of the male students. The students actually maintained a page where they posted such comments openly.

Maintained by 13 fourth year dentistry students of the Dalhousie University, the page had offensive posts one after the other, which degraded women in the most abominable way.

Even though the school has suspended these 13 students and has also announced that their clinical privileges have been suspended, is this punishment good enough? The question is how far a university should go to punish students with such offenses in order to discipline its community?

The incident came to light when Francoise Baylis, a Dalhousie professor, along with her colleagues came out with a formal public complaint that was issued against these students. She insisted that the university authorities suspend the students and also carry out an independent investigation into sexual violence on the campus.

According to Richard Florizone, President, Dalhousie University, “We announced that 13 fourth-year dentistry students have been suspended from clinical activities, pending consideration of the matter by the Faculty of Dentistry’s Academic Standards Class Committee.”

The university has taken this drastic step, but analysts wonder whether this is good enough. Analysts and other students are demanding stricter steps to be taken to discipline the students so that such incidences are checked in future.

[Updated Jan 5th 2015] The RCDSO (Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario) which regulates licensing for dentist in Ontario have requested the names of the 13 students. However Dalhousie University have declined the requesting citing privacy of students will be violated.

[Updated Jan 11th 2015] Dalhousie University notified four professors their complaint against the 13 students is not eligible for consideration under the Student Code of Conduct.

[Updated Jan 14th 2015] Despite rejecting initial request for the names of the 13 dentistry students from Halifax Regional Police, Dalhousie University will meet with the Halifax Regional Police.

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