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September 2014



Dental Surgeon Dismissed From Service At Scottish Surgery

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Kelburne Dental Surgery
Kelburne Dental Surgery

Kelburne Dental Surgery

Harry Robertson, a Scottish dentist diagnosed with HIV, was recently sacked for keeping his positive status a secret from his bosses. His “dishonest conduct” led to a hearing of the General Dental Council, Paisley, Scotland, he was dismissed from service at the Kelburne Dental Surgery.

As a result, over 10,000 patients who visited this dental surgery, were given blood tests after being told that there could be a slight chance of their being exposed to the HIV virus. For the 10,000 patients who underwent the test, there are still 500 patients who have yet to undergo it.

Though the surgery wrote to these patients informing them of the need to have a blood test, some could not be tracked down, perhaps because they had moved out of the area. So, they had a public awareness campaign to make people see the need for blood testing. However, the good news is that those who underwent the blood test weren’t diagnosed with HIV due to dental treatment.

Last year, the UK jointly scrapped an earlier law that banned HIV positive staff of the NHS from conducting some medical procedures. Now, healthcare professionals diagnosed with HIV can continue to be on the rolls but must be tested every three months by fellow doctors to check for appropriate treatment and for the virus being still undetected.

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