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August 2014



Dentist Tries To Extract 20 Teeth From Patient; Victim Succumbs

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Dr. Patel's Enfield Dental Surgery in Connecticut

Judy Gan, aged 64, a retired children’s librarian and a grandmother, was to have 20 teeth extracted, and some implants and grafts performed by her dentist, Dr. Rashmi Patel on February 17, 2014. Patel’s Enfield Dental Surgery is located in Connecticut, USA.

Dr. Patel's Enfield Dental Surgery in Connecticut

Dr. Patel’s Enfield Dental Surgery in Connecticut

In the course of the extractions, she became unresponsive as her oxygen levels fell drastically, so the dentist’s assistants requested their senior to stop the surgery and ring for 911. However, Patel did not heed his juniors’ advice because he wanted to finish the entire job in one sitting. He did this, according to medical records, although he knew that she had pre-existing medical problems.

As a result, the Department of Public Health and the state Dental Commission have suspended Patel’s license to operate as a dentist. According to the state, Patel’s actions caused the patient’s death.

The death occurred when the dentist was late in realizing that one of his monitors wasn’t functioning. At this point, Gan told Patel to stop and help her. In response, he injected her with a reversal agent. Though his assistants begged him to stop the procedure, he was firm in stopping only when the patient’s oxygen levels fell below 60. When this happened, Patel agreed to call in 911. Gan was taken to Bay State Medical Center, Massachusetts, where she was declared dead.



  • Spencer

    While this is a terrible tragedy of the death of a person, there is also a tragedy in the disservice of a bogus headline that sensationalize what occurred. This person did Not die because the dentist “tried to extract 20 teeth from a patient”.

    There is no doubt the death was related to whatever sort of anesthesia was being used in conjunction with malfunctioning equipment…the keyword reference to the real cause of death is “he injected her with a reversal agent”. That and “realizing one of his monitors wasn’t functioning”…and her “oxygen levels fell”.

    None of that relates to extractions of teeth…none of that relates to extraction of 20 teeth at one time. If the extractions were primary, then the story would be about blood loss and maybe subsequent shock from it.

    It is a terrible disservice to the public and to the dental profession to sensationalize a story to portray a patient’s death as if from routine dental procedures. Other recent headlines have blamed root canal treatment for death, when in fact, it was a similar scenario of mismanagement of complications of heavy sedation or general anesthesia or some such…not from the performance of the dental procedure itself.

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