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August 2014



The Fear Of Triclosan Among Colgate Total Users

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Colgate Total

The use of ‘Triclosan’ in ‘Colgate Total’ toothpaste, reported in Bloomberg, has resulted in some sharp customer reactions. Triclosan is an antibacterial chemical known to harm the endocrine system and is linked with the growth of cancerous cells in animals. Formerly, it was known as a component in antibacterial hand Soaps and now, it being a part of Colgate Total has alarmed even the most loyal users of Colgate Total. Many have now stopped using their favorite toothpaste. Besides, several dentists have now stopped recommending ‘Colgate Total’, once projected for preventing gingivitis, to their patients.

Colgate still claims ‘Total’ is a safe product as till now there have been no proven research stating Triclosan’s harmful effects on human beings and that in 1997, it had undergone thorough testing procedures for FDA’s approval. However, Bloomberg reports that toxicology findings of Triclosan were released only this year and they were not available in 1997.

Colgate Total

Colgate Total

Big names like Procter and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson have already eliminated the use of this chemical in their products. It is important that Colgate follows suit soon as ‘Total’ is an integral part of the Colgate Brand and the Triclosan issue may result in serious implications later that may end up damaging the brand reputation. Besides, the big names in the retail sector like Wal-Mart and Target Corporation have already considered doing away with all Triclosan products due to the immense pressure being faced by them from the activists. With such multidirectional demands from consumers, medical fraternity, retailers and competitors, it is presumed that very soon Colgate-Palmolive Co. will take out Triclosan from ‘Total’ to maintain its strong brand presence in dental care products.