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September 2014



A larger, more impressive dental clinic in British Columbia: Kelowna’s Gospel Mission

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Kelowna's Gospel Mission
Kelowna's Gospel Mission

Kelowna’s Gospel Mission

Kelowna’s Gospel Mission, the non-profit dental clinic in British Columbia, Canada, has been providing low income patients dental care at no cost at all.  This clinic has grown four times and has five dentist’s chairs. Patients who have been using this dental clinic since its inception are very impressed by the expanded dental clinic and its phenomenal growth over the past few years.

Kelowna’s has been a popular dental clinic for thousands of patients of the lower income group, though they would have to wait for their turn. A dentist from this clinic says that a normal waiting period is about four to six months because of the the large number of people this small clinic served.

In its large and new avatar, patients hope that the earlier waiting period will reduce to three weeks. If a patient is in extreme pain and calls for an appointment, they can be seen within a few days. The expanded dental clinic will be inaugurated on August 18, 2014.

The clinic runs on ongoing donations made by local dentists who volunteer their time and expertise, while others send in dental supplies and equipment. These donations encourage the doctors here to continue to do good work here.